Refrigerant Dryers


Ideal for general purpose compressed air, refrigeration dryers provide water vapour removal with pressure dewpoints of +3ºC. Refrigeration dryers are not suitable for installations where piping is installed in ambient temperatures below the dryer dewpoint.
Note: Refrigeration dryers are only designed to remove water vapour and require the use of coalescing filters to work efficiently.

TAH to TCH Series Flow rates: 0.35 to 3.5 m³/min - Unrivalled Quality

The quality of a refrigeration dryer is best judged by how effectively and reliably it can separate condensate, particularly at high ambient temperatures. With this in mind, the developers at HPC KAESER created the TAH-TCH refrigeration dryer series. Featuring highly efficient refrigeration circuits and HPC KAESER developed hot-gas bypass regulators, these dryers are designed for optimum performance. The air circulating system for the corrosion resistant stainless steel plate heat exchanger further illustrates this, as it is made from stainless steel and copper piping. The key aim of any refrigeration dryer is to provide reliable condensate separation, which is why HPC KAESER use a separate stainless steel condensate separator. This configuration is far superior to systems using integrated solutions as it achieves better condensate separation and is more reliable. TAH / TCH Series refrigeration dryers combine all of these features within a robust powder-coated metal casing to provide exceptional air treatment in accordance with EN 60204-1, which means dependable, sustained pressure dew point performance of +3ºC even at high ambient temperatures up to +45ºC.

SECOTEC® Series TA to TF Flow rates: 0.6 to 25.0 m³/min - The cost saving effect of the SECOTEC® system

HPC KAESER SECOTEC dryers save energy because the refrigerant system is shut down during breaks, periods of low demand and downtime - the control system operates without preset run-on periods. The integrated thermal mass ensures that the system is ready for operation at all times. A further advantage of SECOTEC® dryers is that they have a very low pressure drop compared with alternative drying systems.

Energy savings all day, every day, with SECOTEC® Control

The high capacity thermal mass is cooled down to cut-out temperature by the refrigeration circuit and extracts the heat from the compressed air that flows through the heat exchanger. As soon as the temperature of the thermal mass rises to the cut-in temperature the refrigerant compressor starts and cools it down again. Due to the thermal mass’ high capacity, the refrigerant compressor can be shut down as soon as the lower temperature is reached. This feature considerably reduces power consumption compared with non-cycling controllers.

Minimal pressure drop means more energy savings

The air/air and refrigerant/air heat exchangers are equipped with generously sized copper piping to ensure minimal pressure drop. The smooth inner walls of the piping prevent deposits from accumulating, so that the pressure drop across the SECOTEC dryer remains low, even after years of operation.

CRD2 Series Flow rates: 18 to 120 m³/min - High performance, low costs

HPC large refrigerant dryers are a proven and reliable range of compressed air dryers that have been sensibly designed and built to last. The primary goals during the development and design stages were to minimise energy consumption and enhance reliability and air quality.
The combination of an efficient heat exchange design, R407C refrigerant and a level sensing ‘zero loss’ condensate drain produces a compact energy efficient dryer. The use of R407c refrigerant reduces the refrigerant charge, compressor size and running costs when compared to more conventional designs. This range of HPC dryers utilize energy efficient scroll compressors that have 50% fewer moving parts, lower vibration, reduced noise levels and consume 20% less energy than an equivalent output piston compressor increasing energy efficiency further still and providing triple savings.

TG – TI Series Flow rates: 24.2 to 90 m³/min - Savings day after day

Energy-saving dryers from HPC KAESER enable significant savings all day, every day. For example, at 40% airflow they consume only 43% of their nominal energy requirement. Therefore in comparison with conventional dryers equipped with hot-gas bypass control they achieve energy cost savings of approximately 54%.
In addition, each unit is fitted as standard with a timer which allows further savings to be made, e.g. in periods of low demand and downtime, such as during work breaks and the weekend - every kilowatt saved reduces CO² emissions and consequently benefits the environment. Moreover, extra savings of approximately £700 per year are possible if the dryers are used in air systems with redundant compressed air treatment and drying capacity, i.e. operating at 50 to 70 percent of rated compressed air flow.