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To order brochures, please email indicating the type and quantity of the literature requried along with your contact details. 

Alternatively, please call HPC on 0845 430 0472.

General Brochures:

HPC plc (Corporate) Brochure

HPC Compressed Air Systems Brochure 

HPC Compressed Air Engineering Brochure

HPC Service Support Brochure

HPC 5 Year No Quibble Warranty Leaflet

HPC SIGMA Air Utility

HPC KAESER Report Magazine - Issue 1/17


HPC KAESER Portable Compressors:

M13 - M350 Portable Compressor Range Brochure (P500-HPC-13-15)

M500-2 Oil Free Portable Compressor Leaflet

HPC KAESER Rotary Screw Compressors:

Rotary Screw Compressors SX - HS Series Brochure (P650-HPC-5-12)

Energy Efficient, Quiet Running Belt Driven Series:

SXC Series  -  2.2 to 5.5 kW (P651/26HPC/13)

SX Series  -  2.2 to 5.5 kW  -  (P651/0/HPC.3/08)

SXRM Series  -  2.2 to 5.5 kW  -  (SXRMseries121108-AW2)

SM Series  -  5.5 to 9 kW  -  (P651/24HPC.2/08)

SMRM Series  -  5.5 to 9 kW  -  (SMRMseries091107-AW1)

SK Series (including AIRCENTERS) - 11 & 15 kW (P651/10-HPC-5/10)

ASK Series  -  15 to 18.5 kW (P651/23HPC.3/08)

Energy Efficient, Quiet Running Direct Drive Series:

ASD Series - 18.5 to 30 kW (P651-2-HPC-2-13)

BSD Series - 30 to 45 kW (P651-1-HPC-4-13)

CSD/CSDX Series - 45 to 75 kW (P651-28-HPC-12)

DSD Series (incl. T SFC) - 75 to 132 kW (P-651-14-HPC-15-16)

DSDX Series (incl. T SFC) - 132 to 160 kW (P-651-34-HPC-16)

ESD (+FSD) Series - 160 to 315 kW (P-651-16-HPC-1-08)

ESD (+FSD) SFC Series - 200, 250 & 315 kW (P-651-19-HPC-1-07)

FSD Series - 250 & 315kW (P651-30-HPC-13)


Compressor Controllers & Air Management Systems

SIGMA Control 2 (SC2)

SIGMA Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0)


Rotary Blowers (Roots Type) & Screw Blowers

HPC KAESER Blowers - Low Pressure Solutions (P900-17)

HPC KAESER Screw Blowers (P970-HPC-17)

Rotary Blower Packages - BB-CB-DB-EB-FB Series (P-960-ED-16)

OMEGA Series (P073_ED-17)

Performance Data - BB to HB-Series (17-4900)


Energy Efficient, Quiet Running Dry Screw (Oil Free) Series:

Please contact HPC for details and information 


Compressed Air Treatment Products

KRYOSEC Series Refrigerant Dryers (P018-HPC-14)

SECOTEC Series Refrigerant Dryers (P013-HPC-3-15)

TE & TF Series Refrigerant Dryers (P019-HPC-1-17)

F-Series Compressed Air Filters (P726-HPC-14)