NEW SK Series Compressors



Featuring the latest Premium Efficiency IE3 electric motors, energy-saving SIGMA Profile airend rotors and the latest internal SIGMA Control 2 compressor controller, HPC Kaeser’s new SK series rotary screw compressors are setting new standards in the UK compressor market. Moreover, users will be impressed by their significantly increased free air delivery and even greater efficiency.

The new SK series models are able to deliver up to 2.5 m³ of compressed air per minute at 7.5 bar (11 and 15 kW versions). Therefore, depending on the particular model, these figures represent an increase of 11% or even 14%, compared with their predecessors. This impressive performance boost has been achieved both through airend optimisation and the minimisation of internal pressure losses. In turn, these improvements have lead to a reduction in specific power of up to 5 percent. The use of premium efficiency IE3 electrical motors has also contributed to additional energy savings.

A further important efficiency-enhancing component is the new SIGMA Control 2 internal controller: This advanced system not only enables demand-oriented performance matching and dependable monitoring, but ensures even greater flexibility through its numerous interfaces and innovative plug-in communication modules. Therefore, connection to energy-saving master control systems, computer networks and / or remote diagnostics and monitoring systems could not be easier. A large display and an RFID reader located on the control panel make on-site communication with the system simple.

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