Latest CSD / CSDX Series Impresses


HPC KAESER's latest fluid-cooled CSD and CSDX rotary screw compressors combine outstanding performance and energy efficiency with versatile and compact design. With motor powers from 45 kW to 90 kW, the five models of both ranges cover free air deliveries from 8.3 to 16.1 m³/min (at 8.5 bar) and are designed for pressures up to 15 bar.

The new CSD and CSDX rotary screw compressor series provides significant energy savings in four ways:

HPC KAESER's SIGMA Control 2 controller also offers important, additional advantages: This advanced system provides greater flexibility through its numerous interfaces and innovative plug-in communication modules. Therefore, connection to energy-saving master control systems, computer networks and/or remote diagnostics and monitoring systems, such as HPC KAESER's Teleservice facility, couldn’t be easier.

The large display located on the control panel also simplifies on-site communication with the system, whilst an SD card slot speeds up data-reading and update processes. Furthermore, the addition of an RFID reader ensures service continuity, increases security and significantly raises service quality. The SIGMA Control 2 is also responsible for monitoring of compressors, refrigeration dryers and SIGMA frequency converters which are available as package options across the series.

A highly effective cooling system within the CSD/CSDX Series design ensures low compressed air discharge temperatures and features a condensate separator with full-flow automatic drain monitoring. Consequently, over 95% of accumulating condensate can be separated from the air flow. The cooler is located on the rear-side of the unit where a generously sized intake opening is available for the cooling air. This system prevents the cooling air from being pre-warmed and, as a result, optimises the cooling effect. The efficiency and reliability of downstream compressed air treatment equipment is therefore also considerably enhanced.

Environmentally-responsible design also applies to the fluid-filter element, which is metal-free and can be incinerated after use without further treatment.

As well as standard versions, models are available with frequency control and an integrated refrigeration dryer module that allows production and drying of compressed air with minimal space requirement. Even more efficient than previous models and using nearly 50% less refrigerant, the dryer is designed for high ambient temperatures and operates with minimal pressure loss. Moreover, because it is installed in a separate enclosure, the dryer remains completely unaffected by heat from the compressor.

CSD and CSDX compressors are also available as variable speed controlled versions, which - like standard models - ensure the very best in efficient, dependable and maintenance-friendly operation.