The M250 Portable Compressor - Compact, Powerful, Efficient


Launched at Hillhead 2012, the HPC KAESER M250 portable compressor has taken its place alongside some of the most powerful models in the UK construction industry as part of the comprehensive HPC KAESER range.

The M250 offers far more than impressive free air delivery however: It is highly manoeuvrable, ensures exceptional efficiency and already complies with the stringent COM 3b (EC) emissions standard.

Thanks to a newly developed rotary screw airend featuring energy-saving SIGMA Profile rotors and a flow-optimised housing, the M250 provides an impressive free air delivery of 25 m³/min (883 cfm) at 10 bar and 22 m³/min (777 cfm) at 12 bar, ideally suiting this demanding sector of the UK plant hire, construction and quarrying industries.

The advantages of this powerful compressor do not stop there. Designed with maximum manoeuvrability in mind the M250 is also exceptionally compact and lightweight. The standard version has an operational weight of less than 3.5 tonnes, which means that it is suitable for use with towing vehicles and is available with a favourably priced chassis equipped with a run-on brake.

Moreover, as a completely new model, the HPC KAESER M250 features the very latest future-proof emissions cleaning technology and an SCR catalytic converter. Consequently, the M250 is already compliant with the COM 3b European emissions standard. This not only boosts residual value when it comes to resale, but also provides conscientious plant hire companies and quarry or construction users with the opportunity to use state-of-the-art environmental technology today. Impressively, despite integration of these advanced emissions cleaning systems, the M250 is more compact and even lighter than its predecessor and is priced as equally competitively.

Additional optional equipment includes air treatment systems to provide cool, dry, technically oil-free air of various classes to meet the special demands of e.g. fresh air production, or for concrete repair in accordance with applicable regulations.