Performance, Precision, Partnership

The Benefits

Matt Dewhurst, Workshop Manager at Eagle comments, “Our HPC compressor packages and the support we receive from HPC, continues to exceed the level of performance that we expect from our suppliers.

"[HPC] was able to highlight considerable savings for Eagle GB even with full utilisation of our AquaBlast cabinet whilst also improving the supply of compressed air to our mechanical workshops and trim shop”. 

This particular application for compressed air and its contribution to the highly specialised process of restoring and re-engineering such a prestigious end-product is an excellent example of HPC’s ability to respond to a wide range of challenging situations. 

The result is an effective, energy-efficient compressed air system which meets the customer’s specific needs, not least by helping to maximise the potential of all the systems required for the remarkable restoration and attention to detail that defines Eagle and an Eagle E-Type as the best in the World.


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