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The Solution

The compressed air supply for Eagle’s paint spray shop is provided by a 7.5kW HPC SM Series Rotary Screw Compressor package. This provides clean, compressed air to the finishing process where all the E-Types pass through a multi-coat, premium quality paint finish.

To meet the specific compressed air demand of a new specialised piece of equipment and to enhance the supply of compressed air to their service bay and trim shop, Eagle recently invested in a further 9kW HPC SM15T Rotary Screw Compressor package complete with an integral refrigerant air dryer.

Replacing an older, now redundant, reciprocating compressor, the new HPC compressor operates independently of the paint shop compressor and its primary function is to operate an AquaBlast cabinet, an impressive piece of equipment that is commonly found in specialised automotive and workshop environments.


The AquaBlast cabinet

The AquaBlast cabinet is a wet blasting machine that can simultaneously degrease and clean multiple components. Compressed air is added to a water/media slurry within the unit to accelerate the slurry at the cleaning jet nozzle and create the cleaning effect. 

As the process cleans by flow and not impact, it is a perfect alternative to traditional dry blasting and ensures a ‘soft’ superior finish which, in cosmetic applications, keeps components cleaner for longer. As it fulfils a critical part of the Eagle restoration process, sympathetically cleaning valuable original components and parts, it is important that both the AquaBlast cabinet and the compressor operate effectively and to their full potential.

HPC Compressed Air Systems, combined both its knowledge of Eagle’s operational requirements and experience of the compressed air demands of AquaBlast cabinets to good effect for this project.


Energy Savings

In relation to the specific pressure and flow of requirements of both the cabinet and the workshop air, HPC KAESER analysis and simulating tools were utilised to provide Eagle GB with a randomised energy profile report predicting the energy savings to be made from the proposed HPC solution.

HPC's comparison between a 9kW HPC SM15T and an alternative 11kW screw compressor (using between 1.2 and 1.5 m³/min over an 8 hour working day assuming 250 working days p.a. and 10p per kW/hour energy cost) showed that the HPC SM15T perfectly matched Eagle’s compressed air requirements and would save energy.