Performance, Precision, Partnership

The Solution

Through their collaboration on other projects over several years, Braby Ltd were confident in the ability of HPC KAESER to provide the best solution with high quality, reliable and energy-efficient blowers for the new Manchester bakery.  

As a result, for Phase 1, HPC KAESER’s supplied a total of 5 rotary blowers, comprising of:

  • 4 off DB 236 / 30 kW machines, for flour transfer to process
  • 1 off DB 166C / 30 kW machine for the tanker unloading station.

 Phase 2 was completed three years later, effectively doubling capacity, and consisted of:

  • 4 off DB166C / 30 kW for transfer duties
  • 1 off DB166C / 30kW for a second tanker discharge station
  • 1 off BB 89C / 11 kW for minor ingredients transfer.