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The Benefits

Once installed and operational, the HPC KAESER SAM 4.0 ensured the compressors operated with the best efficiency, minimising Specific Power, and continued logging the air consumption.

Once the Compressed Air System was operating, Lakeland Fluid Power uploaded the air consumption data back into HPC KAESER KESS to confirm that the predicted energy savings had been achieved.

HPC and Lakeland Fluid Power were able to proudly confirm exceeding the annual savings originally projected with the following savings:

  • Reduction of Energy consumption: 973,190kWh
  • Savings in Energy Costs: £97,318
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions: 2,267tonnes
  • Specific Power: a combined compressor Specific Power as low as 5.63Kw/m³/min.

Secondly, Lakeland Fluid Power were able to dramatically cut the annual maintenance costs -giving Futamura peace of mind - with the HPC KAESER equipment covered under 5 Year HPC No Quibble Warranty.

And there will still be more savings to be made.

“We are now in the process of connecting process water to the heat recovery of the compressor,” said Sean. “This water will then be preheated by the compressor dramatically reducing our gas consumption with predicted further savings of £100,000 per annum.” 


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