Performance, Precision, Partnership

The Challenge

Futamura had four ageing Broomwade V Major 115kW & 100Kw “Thumpers” which are around 50 years old.

It also had two air receivers built in 1929, and 1960. On top of this a heated adsorption dryer was so unreliable and kept breaking down. The expensive desiccant also required regularly changing and was changed at least 3 times in its short 3–4-year life.

It was clearly time to make a change.

So, Sean Jackson Engineering Maintenance and Resource Planner for Futamura turned to HPC Authorised Distributor Lakeland Fluid Power.

 “It was clear that Futamura could make significant energy efficiency savings, consistently more reliable compressed air with a constant pressure and consistent quality,” said Sean. “There was also the opportunity to make considerable energy savings by using compressor heat recovery to preheat our manufacturing process water.”

Futamura engaged with Lakeland Fluid Power, their local HPC Authorised Distributor, in addition to another nationally known premium compressor manufacturer.

“Immediately we felt very comfortable with Lakeland Fluid Power, who listened to our requirements, before proposing a solution based upon these requirements,” said Sean. “The other manufacturer didn’t listen to our requirements and instead tried to sell us a different solution.”

Sean also looked at another customer’s HPC KAESER Compressed Air System equipment and compared it with a customer other premium brand. “From an engineering perspective the HPC KAESER unit stood head and shoulders above the other brand,” said Sean. While the other brand had similar energy saving predictions, “the build quality on the HPC KAESER was far superior”, he said.

“We could clearly see that as a result, the longevity of the [HPC KAESER] equipment would last significantly longer and be more reliable throughout the life of the equipment, practically after any warranty has expired.”