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The Solution

The first step for Lakeland Fluid Power, after discussing Sean’s requirements, was to power log the existing compressors’ duty.

To do this, Lakeland Fluid Power utilised HPC KAESER Air Demand Analysis (ADA) hardware and software to determine the compressed air consumption and associated energy consumption, costs, and CO₂ emissions.

Then, using HPC KAESER Energy Simulation Software (KESS) and the Futamura' compressors’ operating data, HPC was able to simulate the existing annual air consumption. This came to more than 2,500,000kWh with an electricity cost of £250,000.00 per year.

Using KESS, HPC then simulated various improved options and selected the best energy performing compressors to meet the customer’s air demand profile.

Lakeland Fluid Power and HPC were able to look at the various HPC KAESER machine sizing options to select the best one to ensure the highest energy savings and the lowest Specific Power resulting in lower operating costs and reduced CO₂ emissions.

“In the end there was no choice other than to award Lakeland Fluid Power and HPC the contract," said Sean. "Lakeland Fluid Power listened to our requirements, put forward a proposal that exceeded these and had the competence, professionalism and experience to project manage the installation and commissioning.

“Furthermore, they are local, and we take pride in supporting local businesses with the added benefit that Lakeland Fluid Power are able provide first rate prompt local service when we need them most.”

With agreement from Futamura, HPC and Lakeland Fluid Power then supplied and installed a combination of fixed and variable speed direct drive air-cooled compressors with an HPC KAESER intelligent computer compressor controller (SAM 4.0), operating at a constant pressure of 100 PSI despite the varying demand, to reduce wasted and unnecessary energy consumption.