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The Benefits

The HPC KAESER solution proved ideal for the variable demands of Hillingdon Hospital's medical gas supply.

Commenting on the performance of the HPC compressors, Kevin Witt at SHJ Medical Hospital Pipelines said, “HPC compressed air equipment is both reliable and very efficient, allowing us to provide all of our customers with an excellent return on their investment.

"HPC provide good technical back-up and support whilst the HPC variable speed drive compressors are an energy-efficient solution that is ideal for the variable demands of Hillingdon Hospital’s medical gas supply”.

The technically challenging and highly specialised nature of SHJ Hospital Pipelines specification for the new containerised plant room package at Hillingdon Hospital is another example of HPC’s ability to provide the best solutions for all aspects of compressed air technology, whether it be for the most complex, high volume bespoke systems, or smaller low pressure systems.


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