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The Challenge

The company responsible for Hillingdon Hospital's innovative containerised system is SHJ Hospital Pipelines Ltd, a specialist distributor for HPC.

SHJ is an acknowledged as a leading designer, supplier and installer of piped medical gas systems with over 40 years of experience of working with NHS Hospital Trusts and the private sector across the UK.

Hillingdon Hospital is an acute and specialist services provider in close proximity to Heathrow Airport for which it is the emergency receiving hospital. It operates a busy Accident and Emergency department, in-patient day surgery and out-patient clinics.

Providing the majority of services for the NHS Foundation Trust, Hillingdon is the only acute hospital in this part of London and (with Mount Vernon Hospital) has an annual budget of over £169 million and employs over 2,400 members of staff to deliver high quality healthcare to the residents of the London Borough of Hillingdon and those living in the surrounding areas. In this catchment area there are over 350,000 people.



Hillingdon Hospital's Requirements

Critical areas of Hillingdon Hospital depend on a reliable source of medical quality compressed air for a range of specialist applications including driving ventilators and operating pneumatic surgical tools. The hospital needed to eliminate, or at the very least, minimise the single point of failure risks which could occur due to the unreliability of ageing plant. An added complication was that the existing medical air plant needed to remain in-situ and fully operational, unable to be shut-down or decommissioned until a new system was in-place and capable of providing full redundancy.

It was also important to improve system resilience and increase capacity arising from the likelihood of future development with increased air demand and the new system needed to comply with both the current and future legislation requirements governing medical air plant whilst conforming to current HTM standards.