Performance, Precision, Partnership

The Solution

Having acknowledged the need to improve and replace the existing medical gas system, Hillingdon Hospital consulted SHJ Hospital Pipelines Ltd for their specialist capabilities, experience and expertise.  

Following consultations with the Hospital Trust Projects and Estates Department, SHJ recommended a new containerised plant room system comprising a package of HPC compressed air equipment.

The specification was for a total of four energy efficient HPC rotary screw compressors including a variable frequency SM12SFC (7.5kW) unit and three SK22 (11 kW) units, a compressor control management system, large air storage vessels and an air treatment system to remove all moisture and contaminants from the supply.

This compact, containerised package is fully soundproofed and includes ducting which incorporates dampers to re-heat the container as required during the colder months. An advantage of this new, self contained system is the ability to relocate or reposition it if required whilst it also provides ample space and ease of access to conduct routine checks, service and maintenance.