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SMARTSHOP - David Utting Engineering


What do Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Land Rover and Pinewood Studios have in common? They’re all benefitting from one of HPC’s biggest OEM success stories to date – David Utting’s Smartshop Spray Booths.

This year, the ingenious Norfolk inventor and entrepreneur David Utting reached a significant milestone when he rolled out his 300th Smartshop Spray Booth. It also symbolised the outstanding results of one of HPC’s most enduring and successful OEM partnerships.

Today, the vast majority of these 300 Smartshop Spray Booths are powered by HPC’s compact rotary screw compressors, premium AIRCENTER series, dryers and filters, making it one of the biggest OEM roll-outs in HPC’s 60 year history.

Find out how HPC Compressed Air Systems helped David Utting Engineering below.

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