Performance, Precision, Partnership

A Long-Term Partnership

HPC has worked with David Utting Engineering for the past 20 years, with the HPC Norwich team supporting David at every step of the way, as he built his Smartshop business from scratch.

HPC’s continued reliability and David’s endless innovation have clearly proven a great fit.

Since the first Smartshop was developed in 2012, every time David Utting was ready to expand, he has relied on HPC to specify, supply, and maintain the right compressors to enable him to do it.

Now, as a result of this unique OEM partnership, the biggest automotive brands in the world - and the UK’s leading film-studios - are benefitting from a brand-new way to spray and repair their vehicles.

Today, more than 230 car manufacturers, dealerships and film production companies across the UK trust HPC-powered Smartshops for cosmetic and smart repairs.

In the film industry, studios including Pinewood, Leavesden, Sky Studios and productions of blockbuster films, can have up to 8 units on a single production.