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The Results & The Future

The reliability of a HPC’s range of compressed air stations has enabled David Utting to realise his vision of a ground-breaking nationwide Smartshop business.

Not surprisingly, he has been delighted with the results.

“The HPC compressor, dryer and filtration system has worked extremely well in supplying clean, dry compressed air to the operators spray guns and achieves this within the extremely limited space confines of the Smartshop control room,” says Mr Utting.

“We particularly appreciate its reliability which is something we have always acknowledged with the products of HPC. Also, the team at HPC Norwich are great to work with and feel like part of our team”.


The Future

So, what does the future hold for David Utting? Following his success in the automotive industry, he is now thinking bigger – much bigger. He is now turning his attention to boats and trains.

As his focus turns to bigger Spray Booths, HPC is perfectly positioned to help David Utting scale up, with larger, more powerful air compressors that meet his needs.

HPC are thrilled to continue playing such a pivotal role in David Utting’s extraordinary journey. And after the success of the last 20 years, we are excited to see what the next 20 years will hold.


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