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The Smartshop Concept

So, what are Smartshops? The HPC-powered Smartshop Spray Booth is a revolutionary new and fully patented concept in automotive spray booths.

It provides dealerships and garages with the convenience and flexibility of a fully compliant, self-contained spray booth and low-bake oven which can be rented, installed on-site and in most cases, be up-and-running on the day of delivery.

It is an ideal alternative to the limitations of a van and tent mobile repair spray facility, and costs less than a permanent body shop.


Challenges & Solutions

Spray booths require a reliable supply of high quality, clean and dry compressed air delivered to the operators’ spray guns and breathing equipment. And the compressed air solution also needs to be a compact one.

As a prefabricated unit, the Smartshop measures just 9m x 4m (length and width). This provides enough space for cars up to a large 4 x 4 to be driven in and enables up to two operators to complete the spraying process around the vehicle.

Only around 2.5m of the overall length of each Smartshop is devoted to workbench space, paint mix room, spray gun cleaner, the screw compressor and associated drying and filtration equipment, plus other control equipment.