SHJ Hospital Pipelines Ltd

Stafford Scopes

Stafford Scopes
Managing Director

SHJ is an HPC Approved Specialist Distributor providing Medical Gas Solutions & Services utilising HPC KAESER compressed air equipment & technology.

SHJ Hospital Pipelines Ltd is a leading supplier of Piped Medical Gas Systems, Solutions & Services in the UK and a market leader in remote monitoring and energy-saving technologies. SHJ invest heavily in R&D to remain at the forefront of their specialist industry.

SHJ has worked with NHS Hospital Trusts and the private sector across the UK for over 40 years, designing, installing and maintaining a wide range of medical gas systems. All work is carried out by a highly experienced team of dedicated and competent professionals.

SHJ is committed to consistently delivering the highest standards of care and support for our customers.

SHJ & Hillingdon Hosptal Case Study