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Aquaculture solutions: specialised applications require specialised products

The aquaculture industry is a rapidly growing industry with very special and specific requirements around the use of compressed air. All our blowers and compressors are designed and built to provide maximum durability and reliability.

Moreover, the impressive energy efficiency helps to keep the largest part of total system costs to a minimum, whilst the low maintenance requirement reduces costs even further. For the aquaculture industry, HPC KAESER provides special products tailored to the rough conditions on fish farms.

Compressed air is used for a number of complex tasks within the fish rearing industry these include, transporting fish food directly to the farming pens.


Aquaculture Feeding Barges & Compressed Air Solutions

Feeding barges are essential for operating modern offshore fish farms. Some are capable of carrying up to 850 tonnes of feed. Innovative and efficient blower technologies from HPC KAESER generate the airflow required to deliver the feed into the farming pens.

Some feed barges may also be equipped with a screw compressor for Sea Pen Aeration (SPA) systems, a process whereby compressed air is blown into the pens through diffusers. As bubbles rise to the surface, a gas exchange takes place between the water and the gases in the bubbles, raising the oxygen levels in the water.

Other specific applications include bubble curtains that are used as a method for protecting the fish from swarms of jellyfish and algal blooms, and the removal of dead fish from the pens (known in the industry as “morts removal”).


Why choose HPC KAESER for your aquaculture air compressor solutions?

HPC Kaeser offers a compressor configuration which delivers even greater reliability under the harsh conditions that go hand-in-hand with aquaculture applications. This, in combination with increased compressor service life, means that plant hire companies and fish farmers alike can enjoy the significant advantages that HPC KAESER compressed air solutions have to offer. 

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