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The benefits of aeration and oxygenation to aquaculturists

There are a number of challenges that the aquaculture industry faces every day - from the impacts of rising sea temperatures, to algae blooms and jellyfish blooms to name only a few. Left unchecked, the impact can be detrimental.

Compressed air can be used to mitigate these challenges, thereby contributing to more sustainable and environmental aquaculture practices.

When it comes to fish farming - such as farming salmon - once upon a time, you would only need a net, feed and fish to stock. But, a number of factors such as warming sea temperatures and the more frequent occurrence of algae blooms and jellyfish blooms, have created a demand for more sophisticated farming techniques.

Aquaculturists in New Zealand are of course well aware of the impacts that such factors can cause, from thermal stratification to eutrophic conditions to name only a few. And, unmanaged the result can be catastrophic causing mass mortalities.

As the world’s fastest growing primary industry, and a significant and growing industry in New Zealand, the question becomes how can the aquaculture industry mitigate these challenges?

Meeting the challenges of modern salmon farming: Sea Pen Aeration (SPA)

Sea pens are commonly used to farm salmon, however many farmers have yet to realise the benefits that upwelling systems - or aeration systems can garner.

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