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Utilising compressed air in aquaculture

The benefits of air-lift mort and sludge removal systems to aquaculturists

Fish mortalities and the accumulation of sludge are both troublesome but unavoidable by-products of aquaculture. Managing both is becoming harder as more aquaculture moves offshore and farms become bigger, deeper and located in more hostile environments. In this blog post we look at how compressed air is being used to provide an effective, efficient and reliable solution.

Fish mortalities are an unfortunate but common reality of fish farming. If morts are not regularly and sufficiently cleaned out of the pens, they can spread disease amongst the healthy fish population, potentially leading to even higher mortalities. In sea farms, this is not only an issue within the aquaculture environment, but it can impact the wider marine environment and wild fish population. The efficient collection and removal of morts from a sea pen is therefore an essential process in managing a healthy ecosystem.

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