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What to look for in compressed air solutions for aquaculture operations

Here are some points to consider when choosing a compressed air solution for aquaculture operations.

Compressed air plays an important role in the aquaculture industry. Blowers generate the airflow required to deliver feed into farming pens, and rotary screw compressors help to facilitate morts removal (the retrieval of any dead fish from the pen), as well as generate the bubble curtains that protect fish in pens from jellyfish and algae.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a compressed air solution.


1. Choose a compressor system that will stand up to the job

The conditions faced by equipment in the aquaculture industry are tougher than many other operations, so the equipment employed must be tough as well. Look for compressed air systems featuring precision engineering and a compressor configuration that delivers even greater reliability under the harsh conditions of an aquaculture application.


2. Find a partner that understands your operation

The aquaculture industry has very specialist and specific requirements around the use of compressed air. Look for a compressed air solution provider with industry knowledge and experience that will understand your needs and provide the right solution.


3. Secure a reliable maintenance support programme

As well as selecting a high-quality compressor system with low maintenance requirements to give increased compressor service life, reliable ongoing maintenance support is an important consideration. Check whether the supplier offers 24-hour maintenance and service support in your area, all year round.


4. Consider the total cost of ownership

It can be tempting to be guided by the price when selecting new equipment, but it’s important to look beyond the initial outlay. Consider any features that may help to reduce the total cost of ownership during the life of the compressor. Energy efficiency features help to keep the largest part of total system costs to a minimum, whilst low maintenance requirements reduce costs even further. Choosing the cheaper price tag is often a false economy in the long run.


HPC KAESER offers a range of products, including blowers and rotary screw compressors, that are designed and built to provide maximum durability and reliability to aquaculture operations, supported by experienced and knowledgeable engineers and a nationwide network of authorised distribution partners. 

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