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Automated Car Wash Applications & Garage Forecourt Compressor Solutions

Car Wash Air Compressors

Providing quality, reliable and cost effective Automated Car Wash Compressor Solutions

Automated car wash and garage forecourt compressors will typically be small, reliable reciprocating compressors that can work day in, day out with minimal maintenance or servicing.

Amongst a comprehensive range of reciprocating compressors, HPC KAESER has a variety of piston compressors that are extensively used for this type of application.

Some still view the compressed air supply in these applications as unimportant or as a low priority, it’s only when the compressor stops through general lack of maintenance or not being fit for purpose that the issue is recognised as generally ‘No Compressor – No Business’.

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Why should you choose HPC for your Automated Car Wash Compressed Air Solutions?

HPC specialise in providing solutions for all automotive applications and currently supplies leading UK manufacturers of automated car wash systems with equipment specifically designed to match the individual requirements of each application and customer. Quality, reliable energy saving HPC KAESER compressed air products include:-

As with most automotive applications, a range of enforceable rules and regulations exist relating specifically to garage equipment and compressed air installations. To help understand these factors, a good solution is to consult, discuss and consider experienced and expert advice from automotive industry recognised and certified suppliers for which HPC Compressed Air Systems is happy to assist.