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Mechanical Workshop Compressor Solutions

 Mechanical Workshop Compressor Solutions

HPC supplies reliable and efficient mechanical workshop compressor solutions

For a modern automotive mechanical workshop, the working pressure of the compressor installation should ideally be sized at 10 bar (145 psi) (with a minimum working pressure of 7.5 bar (109 psi)). The air compressor should also be sized in relation to the number of operatives and equipment requiring compressed air. Provision of a reliable and cost-effective source of quality compressed air is as important for a mechanical workshop as it is for a bodyshop / sprayshop although the necessity for breathing air (or compressed air of a certain quality) is reduced when not spraying.

Older compressors and in particular reciprocating (piston) compressors operating at higher temperatures in dirty conditions often produce condensate and particulate which is then transferred directly up to expensive air tools and garage equipment. This can then involve costly repairs, replacement tools and unnecessary costs if not given due or proper consideration.

In the modern mechanical workshop, an efficient supply of good quality compressed air is a vital component that operates a variety of specialist compressed air tools and garage equipment.

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Key factors to consider when sizing automotive mechanical workshop compressor applications include:

  • The number of workshop technicians using compressed air
  • Any additional or specialist workshop equipment requiring compressed air
  • The compressed air quality that is specified
  • Consideration of any potential future expansion (in the next 5 to 10 years)

In addition to these sizing considerations, there are also many other factors to consider and plan including the provision of power, noise considerations, siting and installation of a compressor or system, current legislation and regulations affecting garage equipment

The best solution is to consult, discuss and consider experienced and expert advice from automotive industry recognised and certified suppliers for which HPC Compressed Air Systems would be pleased to help