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Compressed air is the lifeblood of a modern and efficient tyre bay / tyre workshop. The reliable supply of compressed air is important to most tyre fitting, maintenance and tyre servicing operations to operate both wheel and tyre equipment.

The piston or reciprocating type compressor is the traditional tyre trade machine - a willing and well-understood worker. Air is compressed by the action of a piston but, while performance levels can be good, the machines themselves are inherently noisy and inefficient when compared to the modern screw compressor alternatives.

In the modern tyre bay / tyre workshop, an efficient supply of good quality compressed air is a vital component that operates a variety of specialist compressed air tools and tyre fitting or servicing equipment.

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Key factors to consider when sizing tyre bay / workshop compressor applications include:

  • The number of technicians using compressed air
  • Any additional or specialist tyre workshop equipment requiring compressed air
  • The compressed air quality that is required
  • Consideration of any potential future expansion (in the next 5 to 10 years)

In addition to these sizing considerations, there are also many other factors to consider and plan including the provision of power, noise considerations, siting and installation of a compressor or system plus current legislation.

As with almost every other aspect of tyre bay / tyre workshop life, there exists a range of enforceable rules and regulations relating specifically to garage equipment and compressed air installations. To help understand these factors, a good solution is to consult, discuss and consider experienced and expert advice from automotive industry recognised and certified suppliers for which HPC Compressed Air Systems is happy to assist.

For tyre service vehicle applications, a range of HPC KAESER reciprocating or engine driven mobile compressors are available - please contact the HPC experts to discuss your requirements.