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Automotive Compressed Air Solutions

Automotive Compressor Solutions

Providing quality, reliable and cost effective Automotive Air Compressor Solutions

In the automotive industry and garage trade, the majority of vehicle manufacturers and their franchised dealerships specify HPC KAESER compressed air equipment to ensure that maximum efficiency in the bodyshop/sprayshop and workshop is achieved. Take a look at our Selection Guide  for a compressor that meets your specific needs. 

Investigating the true cost of compressed air in automotive applications can sometimes be quite alarming, particularly when operating old, inefficient compressors and ancillary equipment. Add to this the requirements of ever-changing legislation in matters of Health and Safety, and noise abatement then many companies in the automotive, garage or motor trade are often unaware of considerable potential cost savings.

If you are looking for automotive compressor solutions in your workplace setup, why not contact our team who can offer you expert advice and guide you through selecting the right choice for your next air compressor.

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Why should you choose HPC for your Automotive Compressed Air Solutions?

Employing a specialist company to provide expert, professional and technical advice and to maintain all aspects of your automotive system can result in improved efficiency and reduce costs. It will also provide the added security of expert support, on a guaranteed response time in case of problems, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

An HPC KAESER compressor package allows Bodyshop and Workshop Managers to achieve clean, dry, oil free air for quality refinishing and breathing air, extending the life of air tools whilst conforming to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act for the disposal of contaminated condensate.

Some still view the compressed air as unimportant or as a low priority, it’s only when the compressor stops through general lack of maintenance and service that the issue is recognised as generally ‘No Compressor – No Business’.

HPC specialises in providing complete solutions for automotive compressed air systems with equipment specifically designed to match the individual requirements of each application and customer. Quality, energy saving HPC KAESER compressed air products include:-