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Cream of the crop: Reliably supplying clean compressed air to DeLaval robotic milking systems

Reliability and efficiency are just two reasons why DeLaval in Australia and New Zealand are choosing KAESER when it comes to delivering high quality and clean compressed air to its automated milking rotaries.

Most recently a KAESER compressed air system was selected to accompany the DeLaval AMRTM system installed at Bannister Downs Dairy Farm in Western Australia.

Almost 10 years ago, DeLaval - a worldwide leader in milking equipment for dairy farmers - created the world’s first automatic milking rotary (AMR). Developed to meet the requirements of large dairy farmers wanting an automated milking system, the AMR enables up to 1,600 fully automatic milkings per day. To operate the AMR robots, the system relies on an efficient and clean supply of high-quality compressed air, which in many cases is now supplied by a KAESER compressed air system.


Delivering clean and high quality compressed air to the AMR

A consistent and clean flow of compressed air is critical to the reliable operation of the AMR. Once the cows are collected in a waiting area a crowd gate may be used to slowly and calmly move the cows into the AMR platform. Preparation, milking and the exit stages of the milking process are then carried out by five robotic arms. Two arms manage preparation, two milking and one more manages the teat spraying at exit.

In the preparation stage, a cup is attached to the teat where a unique combination of air and water clean, stimulate and strip the teat ready for milking. The next robotic arm then attaches the separate milking cups, which commences the milking process. Once complete the first step in the exit process is delivered by the last of the five robotic arms. Finally, before the cow exits the AMR, each teat is sprayed individually using a separate line and nozzle to eliminate any risk of milk contamination.

In delivering a fully operational AMR system to a dairy farmer DeLaval will also supply it complete with a compressed air system. Following on from a number of good experiences, DeLaval Australia and New Zealand now choose KAESER as its preferred supplier.

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