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Looking for Tailored On-board Compressed Air Solutions?

An extensive range of proven, dependable HPC KAESER products comprising compressors, air treatment components and rotary blowers is available for every conceivable application, enabling our marine environment experts to provide a specially tailored compressed air system solution for all of your marine air system requirements and any on-board environment.


On-board Nitrogen Generation

Dependable nitrogen generation is available from HPC KAESER screw compressors that range from 0.25 to 85 m³/min with a constant pressure up to 14 bar which suits for every application on each ship. The engineering and design of HPC KAESER Marine products follows strictly the demands of marine customers: Compact in size, easy to install and with very good access to the maintenance components across the range. The self-developed SIGMA Control ensures a safe operation and supervises all relevant parameters to ensure a long and reliable guarantee for on-board nitrogen demand.


On-board Working Air for every Voyage

Working air is required on every ship under the harshest conditions. With the standard working air range of 0.25 to 12.5 m³/min, HPC KAESER has a solution for every general or specialist marine requirement. As an option, compressors can feature integrated refrigerant dryers and SIGMA frequency control (SFC). Marine certification is possible according to all classification companies. Excellent accessibility to all maintenance and service relevant components minimises service effort and therefore costs. HPC KAESER rotary screw compressors are highly resilient when it comes to extreme operating environments. Even in hot machine room conditions they continue to operate efficiently and dependably. Special models are available suited to ambient temperatures of up to 50 and 55 °C (standard models 45°C).


On-board Low-Pressure Air

HPC KAESER rotary blowers specifically designed for marine environment applications perform in all climatic conditions and with years of proven dependability they provide for quality water treatment on-board ships. Supply and disposal facilities are required at sea wherever there are people – even if temporarily. That is why appropriately dimensioned wastewater treatment systems are essential on cruise ships where crew and passengers total into the thousands. HPC KAESER has a range of durable, energy-efficient, compact rotary blowers in various sizes and ratings to deliver a dependable supply of oxygen to the bacteria cultures in on-board clarifiers. Rotary blowers and low pressure air is also used in anti-heeling systems which maintain a ship‘s trim during loading and unloading.


Fish Farming and Aquaculture Air

Operators of fish farms and the Aquaculture sites, whether on-shore or off-shore, rely on a reliable supply of low pressure air and / or compressed air in order to ensure continuous, correctly dosed food distribution. This is another area where the many advantages of HPC KAESER products provide significant advantages. A comprehensive range of rotary blower and rotary screw compressors means that the perfect system, or combination of systems, can be precisely tailored to suit any need. Please refer to the Aquaculture industry solutions page for further detail.


Sea and Land Interface Air

Compressed air is the first choice when it comes to moving bulk goods. Whether loading or purging, rotary blowers are reliable, long-term partners for energy efficient air supply. Specialised marine environment uses include:

  • Moving bulk goods – HPC KAESER provide a wide range of rotary blower systems and packages of various capacities for conveying bulk goods. According to requirement, the blower packages include completely integrated power electronics and are delivered ready for connection.
  • Maintaining ice-free ports - Depending on the specific situation, rotary screw compressors and / or blowers are used to keep port entrances or vital navigation channels ice-free.
  • Sound protection for marine life – in the case of Dolphin & Co. and installed on wind turbine platform construction vessels; HPC KAESER portable compressors provide air bubble curtains to protect whales, dolphins and marine life from construction noise.


HPC KAESER offers a range of products, including blowers and rotary screw compressors, that are designed and built to provide maximum durability and reliability to aquaculture operations, supported by experienced and knowledgeable engineers and a nationwide network of authorised distribution partners. Contact us to find out more.


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