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Popular Marine Environment compressed air solution systems

  • Rotary screw compressors - compact, modular and space saving compressor options featuring package options complete with refrigerant dryers, frequency control and air receivers that are easy to position and simple to install.
  • Rotary blowers (Roots type and Screw) - Low-maintenance HPC KAESER blowers deliver pressurised air quietly and efficiently for a wide range of applications.
  • Refrigerant dryers & Compressed air filters – to ensure compressed air quality by removing potentially harmful contaminants such as moisture, dirt and oil.
  • Air receivers – for the storage of compressed air at pressure.
  • Condensate treatment products – electronic condensate drains and oil/water separators that deliver and treat contaminated condensate.
  • SAM 4.0 air management and compressor control system – promoting Industry 4.0 compliance and ensuring exceptional energy efficiency to help safeguard the environment.