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Specialist Marine Products & Air Systems

A comprehensive range of HPC KAESER rotary screw compressors and rotary screw blowers is available to meet all specialist marine environment compressed air system requirements. Matched to specific circumstances, HPC KAESER has the right solution for every application on every vessel.

An extensive product range covers the needs of almost any application. Whether for bulk material transport, nitrogen supply or wastewater treatment, with HPC KAESER you always have a dependable partner at your side.

HPC KAESER marine products and air systems are certified by all of the marine classification societies and are valued as much for their reliability as their energy efficiency and long service life.


A choice between the following product types is available:


  • Tailored solutions:
    HPC KAESER always provide an individually tailored system solution for exact requirements
  • Fast service:
    A global service network, centrally co-ordinated from Coburg. If required, qualified HPC KAESER service specialists are immediately available at the next port of call
  • Space-saving design:
    Since space on-board ships is at a premium, HPC KAESER marine compressors are designed to be as compact as possible and to provide excellent accessibility

Marine Rotary Screw Compressors

HPC KAESER marine rotary screw compressors are specially adapted for a wide range of applications aboard seagoing vessels, in particular to meet the requirements for space-saving installation. These versatile compressors deliver a dependable and efficient supply of quality compressed air even under extreme operating conditions, such as in hot engine rooms.

HPC KAESER has all the varied marine compressed air needs covered with its comprehensive range of precision-tailored compressed air products and solutions. The rotary screw compressors are designed as open systems in order to meet the demands associated with installation in tight spaces on the one hand, and, on the other, to enable quick and easy maintenance. Compact compressed air stations with add-on refrigeration dryer functionality supply the compressed air required, for example, for nitrogen production.

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Marine Rotary Lobe & Rotary Screw Blowers

Wastewater treatment systems, as well as supply and disposal facilities, are always necessary when many people are on board a ship - no matter whether for short or long periods of time. HPC KAESER rotary lobe and rotary screw blowers ensure an energy-efficient and dependable supply of quality compressed air for on-board clarifiers.

HPC KAESER rotary blowers are also the perfect partners for loading and unloading of bulk materials.

Costly waiting time in port is kept to a minimum thanks to the high delivery volume, reliability and efficiency of a comprehensive range of blowers. 

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