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Medical Air Compressor Solutions

Medical Compressed Air Solutions

HPC provides oil-free air compressors for Medical use, to support multiple applications in Hospitals, Surgeries, Laboratories and Universities.

HPC KAESER understand that the Medical Gas industry requires a dependable supply of high quality, oil-free, dry and hygienic compressed gas from a compressed air system. Whilst compressed air is essential to a wide range of industries the Medical Industry has highly specialised applications where it is a particularly critical resource, such as Hospital air systems. These specialist medical applications include driving ventilators, producing enriched oxygen for assisted breathing and compressed air operating pneumatic surgical tools.

Hospital air compressors need to deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the application, whether for a Hospitals, laboratory or preclinical university training, a reliable source of compressed air is a vital requirement.

In order to obtain high grade and continuous Hospital air it is important to consider and invest in the correct, specialist equipment. Coupled with ever-changing Health and Safety regulations and legislation, The Medical Gas industry can rely on specially designed HPC KAESER compressed air equipment to provide the perfect solutions for your compressed air demands.

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Why choose HPC KAESER for your hospital and medical air compressor solutions?

HPC KAESER specialise in demand-oriented compressed air production, drying and filtration for Medical Gas applications, providing the perfect technical solutions for your compressed gas’s needs. Choosing a competent, specialist and experienced company to provide and maintain all aspects of your hospital air requirements provides significant advantages including the security of guaranteed response times in case of any problems

HPC KAESER will provide and deliver reliable compliance with the latest requirements and recommendations of medical and material manufacturers. Investing in an HPC KAESER package or system will allow hospital and theatre environments to achieve clean, dry, oil-free air whilst conforming to current Health and Safety regulations plus sound (noise level) legislation.

HPC has long standing arrangements with high quality gas providers to cater for your every requirement. Working in partnership with these providers HPC can offer a “one stop shop” for your medical gas needs.

Compressed air is often viewed as a low priority and it is only when the system stops through lack of maintenance and service that an issue is recognised - generally ‘No Compressor - No Work’. HPC KAESER Hospital air technology products and compressed air solutions provide an effective contribution to the assurance of high-quality treatment supported by reliable and cost effective servicing solutions for Hospital air applications.

The HPC 5 Year No Quibble Warranty plan further strengthens the underlining reputation of HPC equipment for reliability, quality of engineering and durability

Medical Compressed Air Solutions in Hospitals

A dependable air supply for hospitals whether it is for ventilators, assisted breathing or specialist Gas’s requiring small or large volumes of compressed air is essential to your success – without that, lives are at risk. HPC KAESER has the ideal custom solution for every compressed air need and work requirement. It is also possible to retrofit an existing compressed air system with a refrigerant dryer and filters – with minimal loss of compressed air output in the form of purge air. This allows you to adjust the quality of the compressed air to meet the actual requirement. HPC KAESER offer a variety of products and services within Hospitals and Laboratories including Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators, skid mounted packages, air quality monitoring, pipework, fittings and onsite installation.

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Examples of HPC Hospital Air Compressor Solutions

HPC compressors were selected to meet the challenge of delivering medical grade compressed air at Hillingdon Hospital

Critical areas of Hillingdon Hospital depend on a reliable source of medical-quality compressed air for a range of specialist applications including driving ventilators and operating pneumatic surgical tools. The hospital needed to eliminate, or at the very least, minimise the single point of failure risks which could occur due to the unreliability of ageing plant. An added complication was that the existing medical air plant needed to remain in-situ and fully operational, unable to be shut-down or decommissioned until a new system was in-place and capable of providing full redundancy.

It was also important to improve system resilience and increase capacity arising from the likelihood of future development with increased air demand and the new system needed to comply with both the current and future legislation requirements governing medical air plant whilst conforming to current HTM standards.

HPC compressors delivering air to NHS Nightingale Hospitals in Birmingham together with a number of other NHS Trusts as well as St Thomas Hospital in London supporting the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus.

Whilst compressed air is essential to a wide range of industries there are some highly specialised applications where it is a particularly critical resource, such as medical gas system. These specialist medical applications include driving ventilators, producing assisted air for breathing.

HPC have been supporting customers in delivering medical compressed air stations to the NHS Hospitals within a very short lead time.

Popular Hospital and Medical Air Compressor Systems

  • HPC KAESER rotary screw compressors - compact, modular and space saving SXC and AIRCENTER Series units feature screw compressor packages complete with refrigerant dryers and air receivers that are easy to position and simple to install
  • i.Comp TOWER T & AIRBOX CENTER systems - soundproofed, oil-free, all-in-one reciprocating compressor solutions
  • Desiccant dryers, Refrigerant dryers and Compressed air filters – to ensure compressed air quality by removing potentially harmful contaminants such as moisture, dirt and oil
  • Air receivers – for the storage of compressed air at pressure
  • Condensate treatment products – electronic condensate drains and oil/water separators that deliver and treat contaminated condensate
  • SAM 4.0 Air management and compressor control system – promoting Industry 4.0 compliance and ensuring exceptional energy efficiency to help safeguard the environment. Up to 16 fully independent compressed air stations can be controlled simultaneously by a SAM 4.0, which groups the individual compressors as one large station
  • KCT blue Series Reciprocating compressors - specialist oil-free reciprocating (piston) compressors that combine proven technology, impressive performance in a compact, cost-effective design

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