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Medical Air Compressor Solutions

HPC provides oil-free air compressors for Medical use, to support multiple applications in Hospitals, Surgeries, Laboratories and Universities.

HPC KAESER understand that the Medical Gas industry requires a dependable supply of high quality, oil-free, dry and hygienic compressed gas from a compressed air system. Whilst compressed air is essential to a wide range of industries, the Medical Industry has highly specialised applications where it is a particularly critical resource, such as Hospital air systems. These specialist medical applications include driving ventilators, producing enriched oxygen for assisted breathing and compressed air operating pneumatic surgical tools.

Hospital air compressors need to deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the application, whether for a Hospitals, laboratory or preclinical university training, a reliable source of compressed air is a vital requirement.

Find out how HPC KAESER air compressors can be used in the medical industry, in this section. Then speak to an HPC KAESER specialist to find an air compression system that meets the specific needs of your operation, today.

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