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Premiere at the Goldsteig cheese dairy

An HPC KAESER EBS series screw blower is making wastewater treatment considerably more efficient and effective at the Goldsteig dairy factory in Cham in the Upper Palatinate region of Germany

Goldsteig Käserei Plattling eG and the local Cham dairy producers’ association underwent a merger in 1992 to form Goldsteig Käsereien Bayerwald GmbH – today Germany’s most in-demand mozzarella producer and exporter to all of Europe.

Another merger followed in 1998, this time with Ostbayerischen Milchwerken eG, and finally in 2000 Goldsteig merged with the local Straubing dairy producers association. Today the product range encompasses cheeses such as mozzarella, Emmental, semi-hard cheese, Camembert and Limburger, as well as butter, ricotta and mascarpone.

The fully automated facility for producing semi-hard and hard cheeses erected in Cham in 2006 meets the highest quality standards. The computer-managed high-bay warehouse ensures optimal storage and retrieval, and most importantly – that the Goldsteig products are always fresh when delivered to customers.