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Respect For The Environment

Thanks to a new rotary screw blower from KAESER, the wastewater treatment plant in Germany's Treis Karden is now even more efficient than ever and also respects the environment.

The regional municipality of Cochem in Germany operates a highly innovative network of wastewater treatment plants and is always looking for new ways to improve efficiency whilst also respecting the environment. With the help of a new rotary screw blower in the town of Treis Karden, purified water flows continuously into the Mosel river at an astonishing rate of 344 litres per second – all with a reduced burden on the municipal coffers.

The wastewater treatment plant in Treis Karden is a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), a configuration in which the wastewater is processed in batches. Each cycle takes place in a basin filled to around 5.5 metres and lasts for some 300 minutes at physical pressures of around 570 mbar. Another challenging aspect of this particular application is the dramatic variation in the volume of wastewater over the different seasons of the year. In the summer months, the flood of tourists and many local vintners generate significant volumes, whilst much less is generated during the winter months. To accommodate this, the pressure varies between 480 and 570 mbar (g) depending on the water level in the SBR plant.

Previously the Treis Karden wastewater plant used rotary lobe blowers – a solution with which the operators were very satisfied. At six metres, the depth of the treatment plant basin is essentially average for such applications. This is advantageous since the optimal depth for air injection is about five metres. This water depth ensures the best air input. Although the previous equipment performed well, the innovative design and technology of the new recently launched rotary screw blower are now delivering significant energy cost savings and reduced sound emission levels in comparison.

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