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Wastewater Treatment Air Compressor Solutions

Low-maintenance, quiet and efficient, HPC KAESER blowers generate compressed air for a wide range of different applications.

For wastewater treatment plants, ensuring a dependable source of air at all times is also absolutely critical. The wastewater treatment plant’s biological processes require large amounts of oxygen in constant supply. The success of the water purification process depends entirely on continuity: microorganisms can only perform their work if their life cycle is uninterrupted. Simply put, if their air supply is cut off, the bacteria die. And any interruption leads to a breakdown in the clarification process.

Given the demands of wastewater treatment plants and the importance of aeration to their processes, an ideal blower package should be energy efficient and reliable. With energy being the single highest operating cost in a wastewater treatment plant — with the energy to operate blowers for aeration being the largest energy consumer — it pays to be efficient.

Whether rotary screw blowers, turbo blowers or a combination of both offer the best solution for any given application depends on the frequency distribution of the air demand (i.e. the amount of time the flow rate is distributed between minimum and maximum demand). Equally important is the actual working pressure, which has a major influence on the control range and coverage of the air demand, particularly in the case of turbo blowers. 

It is better not to approach the task of identifying the correct solution with preconceived ideas about which individual model or technology will work best, but rather to remain open-minded until all factors have been evaluated. Priority should be placed on determining the air demand profile and actual working pressure required. The overall operation of the machine network in the future should also be taken into account. HPC KAESER is well versed in the advantages of both positive displacement compressors and dynamic compressors, and is therefore always able to offer the best individual solution for each customer's needs. 

Working with HPC KAESER, the wastewater treatment industry has the means to effectively design, install, and maintain an energy-efficient system that can reliably deliver the compressed air needed to ensure oxygenation is not interrupted. HPC KAESER blower technology facilitates integration on both a blower package and system-level ensuring maximum plant efficiency with significant savings on operational and lifetime costs.

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