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5 Reasons Nitrogen Air Compressors are Used in Food and Beverage Operations

 5 Reasons Nitrogen Air Compressors are Used in Food and Beverage Operations

Compressed nitrogen is used at various stages within food or beverage production, processing and packaging operations. Here are five reasons why, and what you should look for in a nitrogen air compressor.

1. Compressed nitrogen won’t contaminate food or beverages

One of the main reasons nitrogen is commonly used in food and beverage processing operations is that it is both odourless and colourless. This means that it won’t contaminate the food or beverage products, helping to maintain their quality.

2. Compressed nitrogen helps to preserve food

Another reason for using nitrogen in air compressors that operate within food and beverage applications is that nitrogen displaces oxygen. This helps to preserve the product, giving it a longer shelf life. When oxygen is present it starts the process of oxidation which causes (and sometimes speeds up) the decay of food. In other words, removing oxygen and replacing it with nitrogen pauses that process. Furthermore, Nitrogen protects the nutrients in the food.

3. Compressed nitrogen protects delicate food items

Adding compressed nitrogen to food packaging before sealing it also helps to protect food items such as crisps or biscuits, like a protective bubble. In addition to preserving the food, the gas helps to protect delicate goods during the storage and transit stages, so that the quality and integrity of the food remains uncompromised between the manufacture and final sale of the product. 

4. Compressed nitrogen is ideal for cleaning wine bottles

In wine production, the bottles are washed and dried using nitrogen before the filling process starts. A very dry gas, Nitrogen helps to speed up the cleaning and drying process to help make it more efficient. Nitrogen is also used to purge the bottle between filling it with wine and inserting the cork (or screw cap these days) to avoid the presence of any unwanted air inside the bottle. And it’s not just wine. Compressed nitrogen is also used in the beer bottling and canning process, as well as other beverage processing operations.

5. Compressed nitrogen is safe and affordable

Some people may wonder whether it is safe to use nitrogen in food and beverage processing operations, but it is actually in the air we breathe. Did you know that 78% of the air we breathe consists of nitrogen? This makes it not only safe but also an affordable commodity.

Why choose an HPC KAESER nitrogen air compressor for your food or beverage operation?

If you process food or beverage products, you’ll know about nitrogen requirements in your operation.  But did you know that most businesses just roll on contracts with air compressor suppliers without fully understanding the benefits of new technologies? For example, HPC KAESER nitrogen air compressors are space-saving and modular in design. In fact, in many applications where space is limited HPC KAESER can provide nitrogen generating systems within standard shipping containers that can remain outside.

Compressed air is broken down into its constituent parts of nitrogen and oxygen in an HPC KAESER nitrogen generator. First, the air is dehumidified in a desiccant dryer before being compressed by a booster. Refrigeration dryers (such as the THP 142 - 45) and microfilter-activated carbon adsorber combinations then ensure that only dry and highly-purified compressed air flows into the nitrogen generator.

In the second stage, a rotary screw compressor (such as the CSD 125) alternatively feeds the compressed air system or reciprocating boosters. Nitrogen can then be stored in air receivers and used as needed. Thermal mass flow meters and logging equipment accurately determines the nitrogen flow to suit the application.

As with all HPC products, HPC KAESER nitrogen generation systems are superior quality and highly dependable, designed to support busy operations around the clock. In addition to the efficiency and technologies, HPC provides an unmatched level of service support for food and beverage operations. Maintenance is critical to keep a nitrogen generator working efficiently with consistent performance. 

In the food and beverage industry it is important to maintain compliance with British Food Retail standards which is achieved through regular service and maintenance that includes re-calibrating the nitrogen sensor, overhauling the inlet and outlet valves and changing the inlet filters that protect the nitrogen generator.

A major reason that many operations make a switch over to HPC is because of a lack of attention, understanding and support from their existing supplier. Downtime has such an effect on these operations, so they are switching to get a faster, responsive service from HPC and its nationwide network of authorised distributors.

HPC trained engineers and support teams help with planned and unplanned maintenance, keeping food and beverage operations moving 365 days a year. Speak to an HPC KAESER specialist to find an air compression system that meets the needs of your food and beverage operation, today. Contact us 24/7 365 days a year on 0845 4300 472 or talk to your local distributor at