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Download HPC's FREE white paper to find out if a Fixed or Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressor is right for your application.

HPC understands that selecting the right compressor for a facility’s compressed air demands is crucial. That’s why we have created a free white paper on the difference between Fixed Speed Screw Compressors and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Screw Compressors.

Download the white paper here

Main Findings

VSD proponents will advocate for their suitability in all applications, but a VSD Screw Compressor is not always the best option in terms of efficiency.

It is vital for customers to analyse their unique compressed air demands first. In many cases, a VSD Compressor will not be the most efficient or cost-effective choice.

Key Points

Inside HPC’s White Paper, you will learn about:

  • The differences between Fixed Speed and VSD Rotary Screw Compressors
  • How Fixed Speed & VSD Screw Compressors work
  • Which type of Screw Compressor is the most efficient (and under what conditions)
  • VSD Harmonics
  • Motor energy losses
  • Specific Power variances
  • Energy savings
  • The value in Compressed Air Energy Audits.


Conclusion: Think Specific Power and do the Analysis

The key to a compressor’s efficiency is its Specific Power. HPC KAESER compressor stations are designed without compromise to ensure they have the best Specific Power so customers can save on energy costs.

This means the compressor’s complete package and system are considered to propose the most efficient compressed air system. HPC KAESER always considers which is the most efficient solution. To ensure this, it recommends an Air Demand Analysis (ADA) is completed to determine the individual air requirements.

Based on the ADA profile, HPC KAESER will use its unique KAESER Energy Simulation Software (KESS 4.0) to recommend the most economical and efficient configuration, whether that is a single or multiple Fixed Speed solution, a VSD solution, or a combination of the two.


Choose HPC KAESER for your compressed air needs

HPC and its Authorised Distributors are experienced and qualified to design, install, and tailor the compressed air system to meet your individual requirements while maximising efficiency. Peace of mind is also provided that all work will be in accordance with HPC guidelines and current legislation.

HPC and its Authorised Distributors are also able to offer a variety of service plan options tailored to your needs. Get in touch to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable HPC KAESER trained engineer about your compressed air needs.