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Find out how you could save 30% on your energy bills with an HPC Compressor

If you are looking for ways to reduce your operational costs in these uncertain times, why not invest in a super-efficient HPC Air Compressor? One of our customers recently discovered they could save over 30% on their energy bills by switching to HPC KAESER super-efficient air compressors. Read on to learn more.

A leading plastic packaging supplier responded to HPC’S call to GoYellowBeGreen and instructed HPC to conduct an onsite Air Demand Analysis assessment on their compressed air usage. The findings were remarkable. They showed that by switching to HPC Kaeser super-efficient air compressors, we could offer savings of 30.89% per year on electricity alone.

The site had three compressors running a peak base load demand of 480kW (Compressor 1 - (202kW), Compressor 2 - (146kW) Compressor 3 - (132kW)). With a current (at the time) electricity cost of 24.6 pence/kW/Hr, the energy consumption equated to £118.08 / hr.

By installing two HPC KAESER super-efficient air compressors, producing the same peak base load demand, they have achieved a 30.89% energy saving. The HPC KAESER compressors, DSDX305 – (181kW) HPC DSD240 – (151kW) had a combined total of 332Kw.  At the current electricity cost of 24.6 pence/kW/Hr, the energy consumption equates to £81.68/ hr. That is an energy saving of £317,990.40 per year. Furthermore, there was an additional saving of £17,435.20 per year on signing up to the HPC Service Contract, and our 5 Year No Quibble Warranty.

Previous compressors

NEW HPC super-efficient air compressors

Weekday hours 6240 x 118.08


Weekday hours 6240 x 81.68


Weekend hours 2496 x 118.08


Weekend hours 2496 x 81.68



£ 1,031,546.88


£ 713,556.48


Needless to say, the customer purchased the equipment and is thrilled with both the savings and service from HPC.

If you are looking for an efficient compressed air solution for your operation, HPC KAESER offers a range of products, including blowers and rotary screw compressors. All HPC KAESER machines, are supported by experienced and knowledgeable engineers and a nationwide network of authorised distribution partners. Contact us to find out more and to arrange an onsite Air Demand Analysis assessment.