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Free telematics offer for portable HPC KAESER air compressors


Do you know how your portable air compressor is currently performing? When is the next maintenance service due? How do you keep track of your fleet? To support your busy operation and help you keep on top of your fleet, we are offering an incredible 36 months of telematics fitted free of charge to a range of our portable air compressor units. 

What can telematics tell you about your portable air compressor?

The integrated compressor controller determines and processes operating data, which it forwards to the Telematics system. Central monitoring and processing of operating messages is performed in the dashboard and permits the following remote functionality:

Operating data display – Telematics enables you to easily collect and evaluate operating data from your MOBILAIR systems.

Messages and reports – Receive direct alerts via warning and alarm messages displayed on the machine itself, by E-mail and via the portal. You can also get an overview of the compressor life and performance, using pre-set threshold values.

Machine tracking via GPS – Keep track of your MOBILAIR portable air compressor units with global, round-the-clock GPS tracking, which shows the current GPS position, including address details on a map.

Maintenance planning – Improve maintenance efficiency of your portable air compressor units thanks to early detection of maintenance requirements and initiation of necessary measures at the right time.

System overview and detailed machine data – Efficient deployment of MOBILAIR compressors is enabled thanks to the comprehensive system overview, which allows access to reliable data to help account for your compressor unit on construction sites.

Fleet management – Maximise efficiency and utilisation of your fleet with valuable data, such as fuel consumption and utilisation frequency, at a glance, via the KAESER portal or REST API / AEMP.

Geofencing – Determine a unit's exact location and define individual ranges. If the machine crosses its predefined boundary, you will receive a warning message via E-mail.

Why portable air compressors from HPC?

HPC KAESER MOBILAIR Screw Compressors are powerful, portable compressed air machines. Often used on construction sites or on infrastructure projects, portable air compressors from HPC KAESER are ideal for applications such as road breakers (pneumatic drill /jackhammer), power moles, or sand blasters, as well as in other industry applications as temporary machines, or for specialist applications.

We have a wide range of air compressor models available, with various options to suit every type of operational demand from power tools to auxiliary electrical supplies for lighting and welding.

The range of Mobilair oil-injected portable compressor models available from HPC KAESER, begins at M82 and goes up to M255 that has a maximum available flow rate of 25.5 m³/min and delivers pressures ranging between 6 and 14 bar.

These compressed air machines with integrated electric power supply eliminate the need for separate equipment to power pneumatic and electrical equipment, tools or lighting, require low levels of maintenance, and offer excellent component accessibility. They are also eco-friendly with "Low Emission Zone MOBILAIR" that offers minimal emissions in accordance with the stringent European Tier 5 emissions standard.

Would you like 36 months of telematics free of charge from HPC?

To take advantage of this incredible offer, place an order directly through HPC KAESER or one of our authorised distributors for one of the selected MOBILAR models* and be sure to specify the UMTS/GSM option in your configuration.

The required hardware will be fitted for you, free of charge, giving you 36 months of system access, also free of charge. You will also have full use of all the functionality included within the Telematics portal.

Contact HPC today to find a portable air compression system that meets the needs of your operation and to register for the offer. Contact us 24/7 365 days a year on 0845 4300 472 or visit