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How are HPC KAESER air compressors used throughout the dairy industry?

There are multiple uses for HPC KAESER air compressors throughout every operation in the dairy industry, from milking to packaging. Here’s how HPC KAESER air compressors can be used throughout the process.

Compressed air used in the milking process

A consistent and clean flow of compressed air is critical to the reliable operation of automated milking systems in milking parlours. Compressed air can be used not only to operate the milking system but also to clean, stimulate and strip the teat ready for milking and to clean it down after to eliminate any risk of milk contamination.

HPC KAESER SX 3 T series rotary screw compressors can be used to deliver a reliable supply of clean, dry and high-quality compressed air to dairy operations, with integrated refrigeration dryers, and complete with an air treatment package and air receivers.

Air compressors used in processing and packaging dairy products

After milking is complete, the milk is transported into the processing facility, where it is processed and packaged ready for daily dispatch.


The SX series of air compressor units from HPC KAESER are small but mighty compressors, featuring energy-saving, premium efficiency IE3 drive motors, that deliver more compressed air for less energy. They are also easy to use and maintain. At the heart of the SX series rotary screw compressor lies the premium quality Sigma Profile screw compressor block. Operating at low speed, the HPC KAESER screw compressor block is equipped with flow-optimised rotors for superior efficiency. 

The compact SX T models include an integrated refrigeration dryer which is installed in a separate enclosure. An automatic dryer shutdown feature further aids energy-efficient performance. In addition, a service-friendly design ensures that all maintenance and service components are easily accessible. This significantly reduces the downtime associated with such tasks and helps to increase compressed air availability and minimise operating costs.

To meet required air purity levels for food manufacture, HPC KAESER filters can be installed as part of an air treatment package.

Thanks to lowest-possible differential pressure, these filters efficiently ensure compressed air of all purity classes as per the ISO 8573-1 standard. Using modern deep-pleated filter media, they remove particles and aerosols, while a highly effective carbon fibre mat traps oil vapours. Together with innovative flow dynamics, they deliver exceptional filtration efficiency with minimal pressure loss.

The SX series of rotary screw compressors from HPC KAESER are available with working pressures 7.5 to 15 bar, motor power 2.2 to 5.5 kW and free air deliveries 0.26 to 0.80 m3/min.

Quality service support keeps diary operations moving

Reliable and efficient equipment is vital to keep any dairy operation running all year round, which is why HPC KAESER air compressor units are selected to support dairy operations around the globe.

HPC has a reputation for excellence in all fields of compressed air generation from installation to maintenance support. High Quality HPC KAESER compressed air equipment is designed and engineered to meet the demands of rigorous manufacturing and industrial applications, such as in the dairy industry.

Reliable compressed air systems from HPC KAESER support dairies in producing and delivering fresh products to customers daily. Speak to an HPC KAESER specialist to find an air compression system that meets the specific needs of your operation, today. Contact us 24/7 365 days a year on 0845 4300 472 or visit