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HPC KAESER SM16: Efficient, compact, and intelligent design for when space is at a premium

The HPC KAESER SM16 is a high-performance compressor designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Part of the SM series of KAESER rotary screw compressors offered by HPC, The SM16 delivers more compressed air for less energy while combining ease of use and maintenance friendliness with exceptional versatility and environmentally responsible design.

High performance and efficiency

Arguably the most impressive feature of the HPC KAESER SM16 rotary screw compressor is the way in which it combines high performance with excellent efficiency. Equipped with KAESER’s Sigma 6 airend for greater intake volume, the SM16 is capable of delivering a maximum flow rate of 1.62 m³/min at 7.5 bar thanks to its 9kW IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor.

The use of Super Premium Efficiency IE4 motors combined with the SIGMA CONTROL 2 internal controller, low airend speeds, minimised internal pressure losses and KAESER’s unique cooling system has helped to push the boundaries of efficiency even further.

Optimised design

High quality materials and intelligent design make the HPC KAESER SM16 the first choice for discerning compressed air users. As with all HPC KAESER equipment, the design and build quality are second to none, meaning our compressors are energy efficient, reliable and built to last for a lifetime.

When closed, the sound-absorbing compressor enclosure keeps operational sound levels to a minimum thereby ensuring a pleasantly quiet work environment. In addition, the enclosure features four inlet openings for separate airflow cooling of the compressor, the motor, the control cabinet, and the compressor intake air. Last, but not least, the SM16 compressor is impressively compact, which makes them the perfect choice for applications where space is at a premium.

Versatility in a compact package

The HPC KAESER SM16 rotary screw compressor is also designed to be versatile. This compressor can be configured to meet the specific needs of different applications and is available in three off-the-shelf configurations.

The standard SM16 is complimented by the “T” models, which are additionally equipped with an integrated, thermally shielded refrigeration dryer, and the “AIRCENTER” models, that include an under-slung air receiver. KAESER’s intelligent modular design therefore offers incredible flexibility.

Heat recovery

With up to 100% of the electrical energy used by the compressor converted into heat, and up to 96% of this energy available to be recovered for heating purposes, why wouldn’t you choose to add heat recovery to your compresses air system? Choose HPC KAESER to reduce your primary energy consumption and heat recovery to improve your company’s total energy balance.

Choose HPC KAESER for your compressed air needs

HPC and its Authorised Distributors are experienced and qualified to design, install, and tailor the compressed air system to meet your individual requirements. Peace of mind is also provided that all work will be in accordance with HPC guidelines and current legislation.

HPC and its Authorised Distributors are also able to offer a variety of service plan options tailored to your needs. Get in touch to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable HPC KAESER trained engineer about your compressed air needs.