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It's better to be safe than sorry: How to actively avoid compressed air supply failures


The fear of a disruption in the compressed air supply is an all too familiar concept to every user. We explain how you can actively protect your compressed air station against failures.

The fear of a disruption in the compressed air supply is an all too familiar concept to every compressed air user. If the compressed air station stops, production usually stops working. That's why it's even more important to actively protect the compressors and processing components against failures in advance. 

A compressor station consists of numerous components. A large part of it is designed for continuous operation. But not all components are free from wear. Regular maintenance can be used to specifically counteract wear and tear. This protects you from unnecessary downtime and ensures efficient operation.

An example: The compressor block of a fluid-injected screw compressor is lubricated with oil. The fluid has aging effects after a certain number of operating hours and must be replaced. The same applies to the oil filter and the oil separator cartridge. Similar to a car, certain components must be changed regularly to ensure trouble-free operation.

The same applies to compressed air preparation. If the relevant components are not maintained regularly, the quality of the compressed air will suffer. This can lead to disadvantages in your compressed air application. But that's not all. Inadequate maintenance of the processing components can quickly create unintentionally high differential pressures. The important thing to remember here is that just 1 bar higher pressure means six percent more energy consumption.


Professional maintenance is essential

There are two important aspects in compressed air technology: The first is the greatly increased complexity of all components. The second is the security aspect. In order to increase efficiency even further, the compressed air systems must meet higher requirements. This can only be achieved if the components become more complex and the machines become even more technically sophisticated.

This complexity can only be competently managed by trained staff. HPC KAESER service technicians receive regular training so that they can professionally maintain the entire compressed air system, from the compressor to the processing components to the control system.

The only exception: In the mobile construction compressor segment, simple maintenance measures can also be carried out yourself. In this case, HPC KAESER offers special training for external parties. But be careful: the more complex work should be left to the professionals.

The second aspect, security, is no less important. Extreme caution is required when servicing certain components. The specially trained service technicians know exactly what needs to be done. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries.


Excellent service ensures compressed air availability

Intensive and, above all, personal contact with the user is essential for excellent service. That's why HPC KAESER customers receive individual and competent support from the very first second. When you call us, you will immediately have someone with technical know-how on the phone. That makes the crucial difference.

A look into the future: Energy efficiency and sustainability are increasingly placing the focus on excellent customer service. Excellently maintained compressed air systems not only guarantee an energy-saving compressed air supply, but also ensure maximum compressed air availability and a long service life.


Choose HPC KAESER for your compressed air needs

HPC and its Authorised Distributors are experienced and qualified to design, install, and tailor the compressed air system to meet your individual requirements while maximising efficiency. Peace of mind is also provided that all work will be in accordance with HPC guidelines and current legislation.

HPC and its Authorised Distributors are also able to offer a variety of service plan options tailored to your needs. Get in touch to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable HPC KAESER trained engineer about your compressed air needs.