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Looking for oil-free air compressors that won’t hold you back?

We get a lot of reports from businesses that are tired of poor quality oil-free compressor equipment and support that’s more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re in the same position, then perhaps it’s time to take action and move over to HPC Kaeser.

With their “built for a lifetime engineering”, HPC’s 2-stage oil-free rotary screw compressors deliver the best combination of efficiency and reliability. And what’s more, through our carefully selected distributers and service centres up and down the country, we provide unmatched support to optimise your operations.

So when you move over to HPC for your oil-free air compressors, you get:

  • Flows up to 51 m3/min
  • Pressures from 4.0 to 10 barg (Higher pressures available upon request)
  • Designed for lower service costs and more uptime
  • Fixed or variable speed models available
  • Excellent specific performance [kW/(m3/min)]
  • Integrated refrigerated and heat-of-compression dryer options
  • Advanced control and monitoring
  • Heat recovery-ready

Durable and clean-running for sensitive processes

Whether for the semiconductor, food, automotive or other sensitive industries, our two-stage, dry compression compressors tirelessly prove that process-appropriate purity and cost-effectiveness do indeed go hand in hand – even in extreme conditions.

Comprising tried and tested components that have been developed as a result of nearly a century of experience in mechanical engineering, HPC KAESER compressors deliver the durability and compressed air availability to meet even the toughest of demands. In fact, the lowest possible compressed air costs and maximum availability can be guaranteed only through a combination of perfect interplay between energy efficiency and service / maintenance, and by viewing the compressed air supply system as a whole.

Inside reliable oil-free air compressors

At the heart of every KAESER dry compression rotary screw compressor lies a tried and tested dry-running, two stage rotary screw airend.

Providing optimum performance and dependability, every airend ensures outstanding efficiency throughout its entire service life.

The blasted and bonderised rotors are treated using the special “Ultra Coat” process to produce an innovative and durable coating which is resistant to temperatures of up to 300 °C. Since this cost-reducing coating is highly abrasion-resistant, its sealing and protection performance remains consistent even after years of operation.

The second compression stage’s rotors are made from chromium stainless steel, which eliminates the risk of rotor seizing or jamming caused by corrosion.

Airend cooling is another important factor for reliability. In HPC Kaeser oil-free air compressors a cooling process known as jacket cooling is used in the low and high pressure compression stages of the airend to ensure optimal heat dissipation. This greatly enhances efficiency.

Why not take a look at our air cooled CSG-2 Series of oil free air compressors that deliver flow rates up to 13.5 m³/min and pressures of 4, 6, 8 and 10 bar. Alternatively, view our water cooled oil free air compressors or oil free air compressors with integrated i.HOC dryer option.

Learn more about how HPC Kaeser’s fresh take on oil-free design reduces downtime and increases your productivity. Talk to HPC for more information.