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Maintenance is key to improving your compressed air system efficiency

Your compressor works hard for you, often in 24/7 harsh operating conditions. Where rising energy costs are a concern, it makes good sense to ensure your system is operating efficiently and an effective compressed air maintenance regime can help to lower your costs.

HPC and our Authorised Distributors will maintain your compressors, downstream and ancillary equipment to the highest quality standards, offering a choice of planned, proactive or even predictive maintenance to keep your system running like clockwork.

Maintaining your system in accordance with the recommended service intervals is essential; not only to ensure long life and reliable operation, but to help prioritise energy performance.  Using genuine spare parts, fitted by an authorised service agent will lower repair costs, minimise downtime and improve energy efficiency.

Here are some more tips on how you can improve your compressed air system maintenance regime and help cut your energy costs.

Location, location, location

Always locate compressors in a dry, clean, cool and well-ventilated area to prevent overheating. Installing extra ventilation can help to keep the compressor room as near to ambient temperature as possible. It takes more energy to compress warm air, yet some compressor plant rooms can run at temperatures as high as 30°C. This can cause more frequent breakdowns as well as wasting energy.

Think system first

A compressed air system is just that – a system – and each component part needs to be maintained regularly to help maximise efficient performance. It is important to regularly inspect your system for air leaks in the compressed air pipework and have an action plan to    remedy any leaks you may find. Even the smallest leak can add up to big energy losses.

It’s also important to check inlet filters and replace them before the pressure drop across them becomes significant. Remember to include ancillary equipment, such as dryers,   filters, air receivers and pipework in your regular maintenance checks.

Maintain to gain

To keep your compressor running at optimum efficiency, it’s important to maintain it regularly. Don’t wait for a machine breakdown before you act. HPC and its Authorised Distributors offer a variety of service plan options tailored to individual requirements to save you time, energy costs and expense in the long term.

Benefits of improved maintenance

  • Optimised compressed air system efficiency.
  • Avoid energy losses through poorly performing equipment.
  • Have confidence that your compressed air system is performing as it should – giving you time to concentrate on other energy-saving measures.
  • Avoid unplanned outages and downtime.

Improve efficiency with HPC KAESER and BCAS

To ensure the maximum long-term efficiency and reliability of a compressed air system it is important that it is maintained in accordance with HPC's recommendations. HPC and its Authorised Distributors are experienced and qualified to provide service plans and preventative maintenance agreements that meet specific and individual requirements. Peace of mind is also provided that all work will be in accordance with HPC guidelines and current legislation.

HPC is a member of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS), which is spearheading a campaign to cut compressed air energy wastage. The goal is to take the equivalent of 317,000 cars off the road, saving UK business over £147.5 million. Visit the BCAS 10% Taskforce website to find out more.