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Plug and play – Containerised air compressors and engineered solutions


Across the UK, we are seeing an increasing number of customers wanting the air compressor, blower, pipework, filters, dryer, air receiver, and more all in one neat and tidy package - ready to go.

In fact, with all our self-contained, pre-installed compressed air containers, once electricity, compressed air and waste water lines have been connected, they are ready for operation.

So, whether it’s the lack of space for an indoor compressor room, time, or it’s to increase air supply for a short time, HPC offers a quick way to add compressed air capacity to your process.

Skid mounted and containerised compressed air packages

Each custom skid mounted and containerised compressed air package is designed to suit the application and specific site requirements with options available for DNV 2.7-1 packages and containers in 10, 20 and 40' lengths.

For indoor and outdoor use, HPC’s container equipment is flexibly configurable and compatible, so it can also be used in combination with systems from other manufacturers. HPC air compressor skid packages are available with a range of control options using the Sigma Air Manager. Connectivity options include volt free contacts and Modbus TCP.

Units can be provided with touch screen control panels and if remote monitoring / telemetry is required there is a range of communication and connectivity options available, including GSM, modem, local Wi-Fi, and Modbus.

Plug and play - Compressed air skid package

Here’s a great example of a skid mounted air compressor package configured to suit the customer’s specific site requirements and space constraints. Our packages can include a full compressed air system including duty/standby compressors, air receivers, filtration, desiccant dryers, and condensate treatment.

Each package is designed for the particular application and environments where they are to be deployed with frost and weather protection fitted as necessary. Materials and paint protection requirements are also tailored to minimise the potential for galvanic corrosion.

Containerised air compressors for use in bad weather

Operating in adverse climatic conditions? Custom packages can be thermally insulated with electric frost protection, air-conditioned heaters and a control system on the air outlet ducts from the compressors.  This provides re-entrainment of the warm air via a pneumatically or electrically actuated diverter system until a pre-set ambient temperature is attained.

HPC KAESER offers a wide range of individual compressors, blowers, and equipment for compressed air treatment for lease, purchase, and rental. Find out more about our bespoke and containerised plant rooms or talk to your local distributor.