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Should you be generating nitrogen in your food and drink operation?

Nitrogen is used in many areas of the food and beverage industry from production, to storage, and packaging. The consistency and quality of many natural foods, such as fruit and vegetables, can be changed by oxygen, but by using nitrogen as a protective gas, contact with oxygen can be prevented, keeping food fresh and long-lasting. But is it better to buy and store nitrogen, or generate nitrogen onsite?

Food and beverage businesses must make the decision to either buy and store nitrogen in bulk or generate nitrogen onsite. For those buying in bulk, there are increasing logistics, cost and availability challenges. Furthermore, many companies use Co2 as an alternative which has supply chain and cost challenges, particularly seen during 2021. Many of these businesses may be able to switch to Nitrogen, for example, 20% Co2 and 80% of nitrogen. Oxysystems and HPC help businesses to overcome these challenges, giving complete customer control with onsite N2 generation, at reduced cost.

How easy is it to generate N2 onsite?

Working with HPC, Oxysystems is providing a complete onsite nitrogen generation solution for the UK’s food and beverage industry. It delivers nitrogen directly from the ambient air onsite. The Oxysystems solution features the new Inmatec IMT PNC generator which can be fully integrated with any HPC compressed air system. The nitrogen generator produces a purity of at least 99.99%, in compliance with food safety regulations.  

Is onsite nitrogen generation sustainable?

The system supplies more nitrogen with lower compressed air requirements, saving energy and costs thanks to innovative flow-through and vortex technology. The production of climate-neutral gas on-site not only results in price advantages but also removes the need for truck deliveries (and handling) of expensive cylinders and bundles. Potential supply shortages (with unpredictable pricing) can also be reduced and they have an impressive impact on the CO2 balance of food and beverage brands.

Talk to an HPC specialist 

Nitrogen generators can be integrated into new and existing HPC air compression systems.  Many applications across the UK have switched to onsite nitrogen generation through Oxford based Oxysystems and HPC. Speak to an HPC KAESER specialist to meet the needs of your operation. Contact us 24/7 365 days a year on 0845 4300 472 or visit