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Skid mounted compressed air packages for offshore installations

Offshore Air Compressors

HPC supports offshore installations with all different types of air compressor. These are usually self-contained, pre-installed compressed air containers that are ready for operation once the compressed air and wastewater lines have been connected.

Containerised Air Compressors

One example is this containerised air compressor for offshore use providing 4.2 m3/min at 7 barg.

HPC M43 units for offshore compressed air

These units feature an HPC M43 air compressor, which is driven via a 3 cylinder Kubota water-cooled diesel engine, mounted upon a sub-frame complete with anti-vibration mounts. All components are mounted within a certified lifting frame incorporating forklift pockets and 4 lifting eyes for easy transfer from supply vessels.

As these units are being deployed to offshore installations, they also have a number of safety features. In this case the package includes an overspeed shut-off valve, spark arrestor, battery isolator and 110V ESD (yellow alert system) as well as a stainless steel sound attenuated roof and panels.

Energy-saving offshore air compressor

The M43 features a specially designed energy-saving SIGMA profile airend and the direct drive eliminates any transmission losses meaning more air for less fuel, for greater efficiency and lower costs.

Containerised Air Compressors

It also features separate air filters for the engine and compressor. They are specially tailored to suit the required air demand, therefore ensuring dependable system operation. Another important design detail is the electric fuel pump. This enables quick and simple deaeration of the diesel lines, completely eliminating laborious manual pumping from the process.

Compressed air skid set for offshore installations

Our skid and containerised air compressor packages for offshore applications are customised to your specific requirements. They can include a full compressed air system including duty/standby compressors, air receivers, filtration, desiccant dryers and condensate treatment.

Importantly, each package is designed for the application and environments where they are to be deployed with frost and weather protection fitted, as necessary. Materials and paint protection requirements are also tailored to minimise the potential for galvanic corrosion.

For more information about our bespoke support for offshore installations including wind farm projects or work in the oil and gas industry in the North Sea (with our “added safety” and full ATEX compliant air compressors), talk to your local distributors conveniently located across the UK.