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The Mobilair M255 is an easy, powerful solution for drilling, quarrying or blasting

The Mobilair 255 is the largest oil-injected portable compressor from HPC KAESER and is perfect for applications such as drilling, quarrying or blasting work. It’s compact, features a powerful Stage V engine, and it’s safe and easy to use. Here’s why the M255 is such a versatile powerhouse. 

The Mobilair M255 is an easy, powerful solution for drilling, quarrying or blasting

Simple operation of the HPC KAESER M255

Thanks to the innovative pV control, the operator only has to choose between two pressure levels. The set pressure 'p' directly influences the maximum flow rate 'V'.

With a maximum available flow rate of 25.5 m³/min, the same system can deliver pressures ranging between 6 and 14 bar. For instances when the application does not require high pressures, the 10 bar version delivers even more compressed air.

Operation of the HPC KAESER M255 could not be simpler, even when wearing work gloves. It is equipped with a new operating concept featuring a rotary switch and a touch display. Furthermore, the new Sigma Control Mobil 2 (SCM 2) compressor controller allows the machine to be used in conjunction with multiple stationary systems in a compressor station.

Safe operation of the HPC KAESER M255

The inclusion of lashing eyes as standard and climbing aids to enable safe access to the lifting eye make transportation safe and simple. As it weighs less than 3.5 tonnes, even when fully equipped, the road-going version can be towed with a pick-up, whilst the tandem chassis with overrun brake ensures maximum safety when towing and parking.

Efficient operation of the HPC KAESER M255

Beneath the hood are various familiar efficiency features, such as the energy-saving fan, and the air filter with safety elements. But there is also something new: the oil separation system uses cartridges that can be screwed on and off quickly and easily to significantly reduce the time needed for maintenance.

The system also contains an efficient Cummins engine with 210 kW of power, a diesel particulate filter and an SCR system, meaning that the M255 fulfils 'Stage V' emission or 'Tier 4 final' regulations.

Security and tracking of the HPC KAESER M255

The HPC KAESER M255 can also feature its own security system. It can be equipped with a device that allows remote monitoring of the machine's location and operating data, so that the operator knows where the machine is at all times, as well as being able to keep track of how the system is operating and its status.

HPC Kaeser is offering 36 months of telematics fitted to a range of its portable air compressor units, from the M82 to the M255 models, free of charge. Contact us for more information.

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