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The real cost of non-genuine parts

With cost pressures rising, choosing to buy cheaper non-genuine spare parts and consumables for your compressor may seem like an attractive way to cut costs. However, when we look at the potential implications of this decision, it soon becomes apparent that, while this may be cheaper in the short term, there could be a far higher price to pay in the long run.

Very often, we fail to consider what impact our choice of spare parts and consumables may have on the overall safety, reliability, efficiency and lifespan of a compressed air system. Opting for non-genuine spare parts and consumables may seem appealing because they are generally cheaper to purchase. However, what impact could this have on your compressed air system and will it translate into long term pain for a short term gain?

Here are just two examples of how non-genuine parts or consumables may have an impact on your compressed air system.

Filter elements

The use of non-genuine filter elements could cause your system to run at higher temperatures than normal. Left unchecked, an overheating compressor can lead to premature wear and tear and ultimately compressor failure. The result - unplanned downtime, unplanned maintenance time and expense - and ultimately a shorter equipment life cycle, which leads to increased CapEx to replace the compressor.


Poor filtration and the use of non-genuine oil can result in blockages in compressor airend bearings. Infrequent oil changes can also allowed contamination into the compressor block and mix with the lubricating oil, reducing its lubricating abilities and causing premature wear to the internal rotating components. Lubrication may seem a minor consumable however using the incorrect oil could have a catastrophic impact a compressor.

Additionally, choosing non-genuine parts often goes hand-in-hand with choosing personnel to maintain and service the compressor who are not approved and trained by the OEM. In many ways, the choice of personnel will be just as important in maintaining the integrity of the compressed air system as the choice of spare parts and consumables.

Why are genuine spare parts so important?

The compatibility of non-genuine spare parts with a compressor is one factor that will have a large bearing on its resultant performance and maintenance requirements. Their lack of proven compatibility can lead to premature wear and tear, and even system failure.

HPC KAESER spare parts have been rigorously tested with the compressed air equipment. Furthermore, they have been designed to meet the demands of the applicable operating conditions, quality tested to ensure the best possible performance, and designed to assure the life cycle is commensurate with the maintenance intervals.

Additionally, opting for non-genuine parts may void the manufacturer's warranty, which could become costly if a fault occurs within the compressor that would ordinarily have been covered under the warranty.

Choose HPC KAESER genuine spare parts

HPC technician's vehicles are fully equipped with genuine HPC KAESER service and maintenance parts for an efficient service experience, ensuring that you can enjoy a reliable supply of compressed air on demand.

HPC and its Authorised Distributors are able to offer a variety of service plan options tailored to individual requirements. Get in touch for service and maintenance expertise from an experienced and knowledgeable HPC KAESER trained engineer.