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UAP expands its reach to help more businesses reduce their compressed air costs

UAP is now based in four locations, serving businesses across Yorkshire, North Wales, and the Northwest of England.

A leading provider of high performance compressed air systems, HPC Authorised Distributor, United Air Power (UAP) has recently opened its fourth branch in Yorkshire. More businesses than ever can now benefit from UAP’s wide range of products and services, that deliver long-term energy-efficient solutions, from generation to point of use.

Saving time and money

UAP offers turnkey solutions and manages the design, specification, and installation of quality compressed air systems. Intelligent analysis helps UAP to identify the most appropriate compressed air system that will produce the greatest energy savings and cost advantages for organisations. Its innovative solutions are flexible and tailored to suit the exact needs of individual facilities. By designing, installing, and maintaining a completely bespoke solution, UAP, in partnership with HPC and KAESER, can actively reduce a company’s energy usage and operational costs.

Trained to provide excellent support

From compressor audits using advanced system analytics to service, maintenance and product support, UAP has the experience, knowledge and training to support HPC customers, from the smallest reciprocating air compressors right up to the largest rotary screw models.

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